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President's Message

To my TSR friends and friends of TSR,

           I’m so proud to be a 25-year veteran of the club. So honored to serve as your president for another year.


          First, I’d like to thank our out-going board members Valerie Durant – VP and Vonda Smith – Membership Chair. They did a great job the past few years, including navigating the club through the pandemic. 

         Next, thank you to our members, both old and new, for your patience, continued participation, and enthusiasm as we grow the club. With that, I’m excited to introduce you to our 2023-2024 Board of Directors: Marc Hepburn – VP, Ruana Parks – Secretary, Monique Johnson – Treasurer, Elizabeth Frizell – Director of Operations, and Rickela Mayo – Membership Director.  Their willingness to serve in this capacity and contributions, talents and ideas that have already been put into motion are greatly appreciated.


        I’m passionate about the opportunities provided to us as a black ski club and plan to help position it so that it is around for another 25 years. Our new board is geared to take us to new heights through our digital transformation and membership growth initiatives. By modernizing our digital footprint, we’ve automated some of our manual processes, launched a newly re-designed website and updated our logo to better represent our culture and snow sports.  By providing opportunities to frequently engage in organized social activities, we’re building our membership base. For success, we need your support – join us, get involved with a committee, attend the events/trips, submit new ideas.

Looking forward to a successful year!


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